Lunar Connections - The New Moon

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Connecting with the lunar cycle a beautiful way to bring awareness and gratitude into our daily life. By taking time throughout the month to turn inward and tune into this profound universal energy, we are able to find harmony and balance within ourselves and be more receptive to the life's natural flow.

The New Moon is the start of the cycle and focuses on new beginnings.  This is the perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself, to set new intentions and cultivate moments of gratitude. Here are a few ways we love to connect with the New Moon.

Create a Sacred Space

Try a New Moon Yoga practice (we love YogaGlo)

Set intentions for the coming month

Spend some time journaling (you can find journaling tips and prompts on my personal blog)

Go star gazing

Do a tarot reading

Practise Gratitude

This month we’ve created a special FREE Lunar Connections print for your sacred space, to enable you to embrace the magic of the moon. Follow this link to receive your print.

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  • Thank you so much for this divine print. I am off to purchase a frame for it so I can add it to my sacred place. I love that you are now doing a newsletter and I will look forward to reading them with great anticipation. Thank you for your nurturing and gentle advice, ideas and thoughts.

    Kelly Jerrett on
  • Thank you so much for this!!! I have been wanting to learn more about connecting with the moon. Love the print!!! Thank you xxxooo

    Julie Maloney@Country Living by the Sea on

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