Wilde Women Part 1

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Earlier this month we asked some of the beautiful Wilde Women who had inspired our Charka Mala collection to share their thoughts on sacred, conscious living. We hope you're as inspired as we have been by their words of wisdom and heartfelt responses.
"Motherhood has changed me, but not in the way I expected; it has rubbed and gnawed and worn away at those parts of me that were inauthentic.. the bits I wore because of social pressure, or imagined way of being, perhaps ideas I tried on and left on, though they no longer appealed, left there simply out of habit. I found all of it impossible to maintain in the glaring light of motherhood. My children have bought me back to myself, to both the light and the dark. All of the zen I'd obtained before they came along, and there was a fair bit - yoga, daily meditation, vegetarianism - has undergone some radical changes in the last 5 years. Mothering consciously took away even these zen ideals I strove for, and has shown me instead the kind of zen my soul truly craves, a few moments of quiet in the early morning sipping a hot cup of tea... a walk along a bush trail, breathing in trees and green...stitching in the late afternoon sun as little boy laughter (and sometimes tears) flows around me. I thought I knew what they meant, all those quotes that describe finding your calm within, but I didn't. Finding the still space amidst the chaos and upheaval, well, it's a practice I now truly understand and live every day.
There is a point in early motherhood where you make the choice to either let go and fall into the space opening before you, or to cling on, resisting, your back often against the wall. I consciously chose to fall... and yet still I find there is more I have to let go of as I do. The practice of conscious motherhood may not have the same spiritual credentials within broader society as a yoga class or a solid session of meditation, but it's serious, deep soul work all the same. And like any good soul work, though I may not always welcome it as I should, I'm always grateful for the great change and blessings it bestows. So, here's to motherhood, to change, and to all of us finding our own kind of zen, our own kind of way." - Mietta @wovenspirit
"To GURU or to GOOGLE: That is the Question: It's been over a month since my iPhone plunged into a lake. And what a profound time it has been. The first thing I noticed was my relationship with Google. All the questions I had to things in passing suddenly felt unresolved and impatient for answers, until I began to truly See and accept the lesson: there doesn't have to be an answer to everything. 
Some messages reveal themselves in time. Some lie sleeping within. And some may never at all be answered. As my attachments to outcomes softened and fell away and meditations deepened, what I learned to cultivate was additional trust on top of what I thought I already had. All is holy, just as it is. Simple as that. When we unite with the spirit of all things, we begin to awaken to our true nature. In turn, we leave the suffering of continual epiphone seeking behind in the dust of false egoism.
No clarity was ever gifted to an overindulgent mind and a heart saturated in material matters. Our perspective gets so drowned in the nourishment of our hysteria. We search for happiness and clarity in things outside ourselves, forgetting that we were born of it. Joy, love, forgiveness, lucidity ~ none are artificially imposed. They are already within. We just have to return home. 
Answers will come. And if they don't, that's ok too. Google can wait a little longer. There doesn't have to be an answer to everything. And nothing but Love was ever certain anyway." - Cheray @tree_of_stars

"To be fully immersed in the present moment. To feel, to see, to smell the tiniest of details. With my little people as guides, I strive for this daily. It might be the softness of her hair, the dewy grass as I peg out the washing, or even the odour of sour milk, or the way clothing clutches at my throat when I'm stressed or anxious. Noticing it all, the good, the bad and the downright ugly, without judgement or analysis. Simply acceptance. It's neither good nor bad, it just is." - Steph @thisbrownwren

"The answers to most of life's problems can be solved by returning to nature - to our roots and the relational reciprocity of us to our body and our body to the earth-body. Consider for a moment, the way you breathe. You inhale oxygen (from trees) and exhale carbon dioxide. Trees inhale your carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. It's a natural order, a cyclical rhythm of give and receive. ??? Likewise- give up your questions...she (pachamama) will exhale your answers. Through the first chakra we deepen our connection with our body, the earth and the reality around us. It is known as the root chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit) and represents the root support for your energetic body.

One of the simplest ways to boost your first chakra is to increase dynamic contact with natural world. Here's a simple EARTHING or GROUNDING technique to upgrade your day: ?Take off your shoes and listen to the earth through the soles of your feet. Be careful not to lock at the knees (as it blocks the energy pathways). Focus on the feet, legs and base of the spine as your pillars of support. Imagine roots running down the length of your legs, extending from the soles of your feet deep into the earth's core. Not only will this bring your first chakra online - installing a sense of graceful ease, pure presence and embodiment it also reduces your body voltage. The negative grounding charge of the earth drains the positive electrons (free radicals) that are stock piled in our body's via exposure to EMFs, Wi-Fi etc., Aaand the giving and recieving, trash to treasure cycle continues." - Brieann @wabisabiwell

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