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How to Fix the Roots after Dying Your Hair

One of the easiest, quickest, and cheapest options is dying your hair at home. Nowadays, there are a lot of at-home hair dye kits out there. However, you may have to face many problems if you dye your hair wrong at home. Therefore, you have to know what to do when you go wrong with your hair. One of the most common issues you can face is your roots not matching the rest of your hair color. So, how to fix it? Keep reading this article to get the answer. 

How to Avoid Different Colored Roots

There are many different methods to prevent your roots from getting different colors. Here are some effective ways:

  • Leave the dye on the roots slightly longer: many products will show you the required time to leave the dye on for. If it shows that you should wait 20 minutes, you should start with your roots, and apply the rest 10 minute later. Then, leave it for the full 20 minutes. 
  • Color the roots twice: We suggest you save a small amount of your hair dye for one later. After dying your hair, you check if the roots are colored as you want. If not, you can use the leftover dye to top up your roots. Then, you will get better results. 

If your hair is damaged, you have to get a quick fix. Then, you should consider some hot root cover-up products that can cover roots instantly. Moreover, they are free of peroxide. All you need to do is just apply your hair. Then, they will help to deal with the issue. 

Coloring Gray Hair

When coloring your gray hair, you should use it as a guideline for natural highlights. Choose one shade that is lighter than the natural hair. It should be only used to cover the grays. 

Besides, you can also use a deeper color for covering the gray roots. It can help to prevent roots looking a lot lighter compared to the rest of your locks. Moreover, it can also make a natural looking variation. 

Another way is to try semi-permanent dye to cover up the grays. It is also a wonderful way. You can use a product that has a special formula to cover up your grays. You should use a brush to apply the dye. 

How to Avoid At-Home Dye Issues

Not all dyes are formulated the same. Therefore, you always need to follow the instructions. You should follow the instructions every time. Don’t only look at the model. You should also look at the box chart. Your hair may be different from the model’s. Therefore, it may not be the exact shade as the model. 

If you don’t want the dye to get onto your skin, you can use a layer of petroleum jelly. Don’t ignore using your conditioner. We recommend you use one coming with at-home dye kits. It helps to seal the cuticle as well as finish your job.  Otherwise, you can get a much darker color than you want. 


When dying your hair at home, you may take a slight risk. As a result, you don’t get great results as you expect. In some cases, you may get roots with different colors from the rest of your hair. However, there are ways you can do to deal with the problem. If you are not sure about how to care for your hair or the dying process, you should visit a professional. Then, you don’t worry about your roots ending up with hot roots, one-dimensional color, or orange hair.  

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