About Wilde Asher

Wilde Asher is a bespoke sacred jewellery and textile brand created by three women passionate about beautiful, eclectic, ethical and conscious design.

Wilde Asher embodies the uniquely creative perspective of Annie and her two daughters, Sophie and Phoebe. Each a talented designer in their own right, the family teamed up in 2012 to bring together diverse experiences and adventures to create a brand that speaks to the women longing to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine. Inspired by ancestral mythology, folklore, stone and plant magic, sisterhood and soulful living, Wilde Asher's uniquely crafted jewellery and textile collections are consciously designed to deeply connect to their owners.

Each collection is handcrafted, with fair trade pieces ethically sourced from around the globe and created in limited editions to inspire, invigorate, reflect and share the conscious ancient love that connects us all.