The Society of Lost & Found Textiles


This is the story of a mother and her two daughters, who were born into a long line of textile makers, creatives and rebels.  A woven story captured in their DNA of cloth and rebellion, an innate understanding of the transformative nature of clothing and its mark on history. Tales of a cotton spinner from Manchester protesting at Peterloo in 1819 for workers rights. An artful London silk weaver tried as a convict for stealing a bundle of clothing and an orphaned Scottish wool mill worker who shared a similar life changing fate in the 1800s. Seamstresses, milliners, basket weavers and tailors added their stories to the families textile history, replacing rebellion with ingenuity and petty crimes with war uniform manufacturing in Australia.
Now the trio is taking up the family thread, collecting, salvaging, repairing and reinventing fashion for a new era. Inspired by the stories of their ancestors, this family of passionate women are empowering others to rebel against fast fashion and make conscious clothing choices, to reduce their carbon footprint, avoid further environmental pollution and honour the skills and talents of modern textile workers. And in return, create beautiful vintage & preloved wardrobes and embrace their own unique personal styles.