Children's Mala Beads - Rose Quartz
Children's Mala Beads - Rose Quartz

Children's Mala Beads - Rose Quartz

This precious Rose Quartz mala is designed to promote love, self-esteem and sweet dreams.  It encourages calm and can be worn as a necklace or held, especially during quiet time to encourage reflection. 

Inspired by children's love and curioisty for nature, crystals and the cosmos, we've created a special range of mala beads, especially for the beautiful little souls in your life.  

Designed for children aged between six and twelve, each mala features 108 beads, including beautifully scented sandalwood and precious gemstones to enhance the everyday and encourage love and kindness. 

Each set of mala beads comes in its own beautiful, naturally dyed silk draw string bag for safe keeping. 

This mala is also long enough to be worn by an adult as short mala beads. 

Length: 39cm 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend our mala beads for children under three as they are fragile and contain small parts. 

Each mala is handmade to order in our Noosa Studio and can take up to seven days to create after time of purchase.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing and email us at if you have any questions.